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Cabinet Marketing Services

Why You Should Invest in Marketing Services for Your Kitchen Design Business

I have been selling to kitchen designers for more than 20 years as a manufacturer’s rep. Based on this experience, there are a couple of things I can say about practically all of you:

  1. You work hard
  2. You know your products and how to design
  3. You want the best for your customers
  4. You deliver a good experience
  5. Unfortunately, most of you don’t make as much money as you should. Especially for the expertise designing kitchens demands

How do I know? 

Most of you can’t afford to buy the products you sell for your own homes. 

And more tangibly, industry statistics speak to the lack of resources you have to invest back in your business. And I see the lack of investment in:

  • old samples
  • outdated displays
  • no showroom
  • no investment in marketing
The Real Problem in Our Business

Part of the problem is how consumers buy kitchen cabinets and design services

The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself

What is lacking in your business? And how to fix it?

Why Referrals Don’t Always Work

What if your referral comes through at the wrong time in the homeowner’s buying process?

Fundamentals of Successful Marketing for Kitchen Designers

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