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Why Referrals Don't Always Work

Referrals work great if you are introduced to someone at just the right time in their shopping process.

But what if your referral comes through after they have a design and designer they like? A little late -- right? This is when you get to quote and price the design of someone else. Not the best way to play the game.

Or worse yet, the “referral chain” gets broken. You get a job or two where your customer doesn’t have anyone to refer or simply doesn’t care about referring you.

Don’t get me wrong -- I’m not opposed to a structured referral. And structured is just what it needs to be, to be done right. But referrals are only a segment of what you should do. 
What gets in your way of developing marketing?

  • Lack of time. 
  • Don’t know where to put your time or financial resources. 
  • You may have been “burned” in the past, i.e., you spent money and got no results. Maybe it was a magazine ad or home show or new web site that failed to deliver, and it cost you lots of time, energy and money.

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