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Successful Marketing Starts with a Market Dominating Message

Successful marketing programs result from following clearly defined steps, where one leads logically to the next and builds on what came before. For your marketing efforts to pay off with lots of quality leads that get converted to new customers who buy from you, resulting in increased sales and robust net profits, here are the steps we follow:

  • First – develop your Market Dominating Message (MDM)
  • Second – using MDM, develop your Market Dominating Position (MDP)
  • Third – combine MDM and MDP to develop your Core Marketing Strategy

None of these components can stand alone. Just as one thing is weak by itself, but finds its strength when combined with other like things, so it is with successful marketing programs.

Start with your Market Dominating Message

Your Market Dominating Message forms the foundation for your business’s growth. It’s unique to your business. It states your business’s purpose: what you offer, how you are superior to your competition, and what prospects can expect when doing business with you.

For your business to grow, you must be able to communicate your unique value to your prospects. 

Use your Market Dominating Message to create your Market Dominating Position

To create a Market Dominating Position for your business requires that you identify and understand the concerns of your target audience—what is important to them. Ask:

  • What problems are they facing that my business can solve?
  • What questions might they have regarding the products and services you offer?
  • What do they value?

Answer those questions and you can develop a Market Dominating Position that persuasively states your Market Dominating Message. 

Final Step: The Core Marketing Strategy

Your Core Marketing Strategy tells prospects you’re the best choice to buy from. It will accomplish five things: 

1. Capture your ideal customers' attention 

2. Inform them how to make the best possible buying decision by giving them the information they need and purchase from the best company possible, which is you

3. Reduce ideal customers’ purchasing anxiety as they near a decision

4. Generate a purchase

5. Instill loyalty for repeat buyers and referrals

How Can We Make This Happen?

I created Kitchen Design Partner to focus on the unique needs of kitchen designers. We know your concerns about monthly marketing costs and the challenge in attracting just the right customer.

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