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Stock Cabinets

  • Least expensive option. 
  • Short lead times. Available in a few days to 3 weeks
  • Standard wall cabinet heights:30”, 36”, 42” 
  • Available in 3" increments: 9" or 12" to 48"
  • Above range and refrigerator heights: 12” to 27”
  • Limited availability of finish colors, door styles and wood species
  • Quantity flexibility - trailer loads or one kitchen at a time
  • Some modifications allowed that don’t affect door or drawer front sizes. Typically increase / decrease depth, finish interiors. Possibly door and drawer hardware upgrades

Stock cabinets don't have the range of colors, door styles, wood species or cabinet sizes that custom and semi-custom cabinet lines provide, but in the Transitional style that dominates in the Northeast, it doesn't matter. With design creativity and maybe some building of cabinets in a local woodworking shop, sellers of stock cabinets, whether imported or domestic, can offer beautiful kitchens. 

The day may come when this changes, but for now, having the right import stock line opens up great business opportunities for a typical kitchen dealer / designer.

The simple fact that paint is so popular has driven the business model for imported cabinetry. Reduce the paint color palette to 3 or 4 colors of dark grey, light grey, pure white and a white with grey or cream undertones. Include a Shaker style door since they dominate the market. Throw in a grey stain, and you have a business model that is far easier to execute than a domestic model that is based on many more options.