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Questions to Ask Yourself

If technical knowledge isn’t lacking. And desire to do the best isn’t lacking. What is lacking in your business? How do you fix it? What do you fix?

There is only one way I know -- MARKETING. Marketing that consistently gets you the best possible leads.

Let’s deal with the big objection I know you are saying to yourself. I hear it all the time. And designers wear it as badge of success: "I don’t need to do marketing because all my leads are word of mouth."

Word of mouth is a great lead generator -- no argument here.  It is also an excuse for not thinking about something that you know you should be thinking about.

You are intentionally creating a barrier to change.

Let me ask you this: Why would you expect your past customers to do your marketing for you? Kind of crazy, isn’t it?

I know you think every time your past customers enter their kitchens that they offer a word of praise in your name. And that they are always considering friends to refer to you. But they don’t do that -- they live their lives.

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