Jay Rambo Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Jay Rambo Cabinetry

Framed and Frameless Custom Cabinets to Suit Any Style

Jay Rambo Cabinetry

All the Options Your Customers Could Want
Jay Rambo Cabinetry offers Unlimited Options


  • 46 Door Styles, many with matching drawer fronts
  • 10 Wood Species
  • 93 Paint and Stained Finishes, plus specialty options
  • Framed and Frameless Construction
Custom Cabinets for Discerning Customers
Jay Rambo Custom Cabinetry


  • More than gorgeous good looks
  • Every cabinet, door and drawer built with care and precision
  • Built-in cabinet accessories provide space for all kitchen essentials 
Help Your Customers Get Their Dream Kitchen
Help Your Customers Get Their Dream Kitchen


  • Respecting the past and keeping an eye on the future
  • Combining classic style with contemporary ideas
  • A Jay Rambo kitchen will be the home's centerpiece

Jay Rambo Cabinetry Offers Framed and Frameless Construction

Jay Rambo's Framed Line is The Custom Collection
Jay Rambo Kitchen
Jay Rambo's Frameless Line is The Studio Collection
Jay Rambo Kitchen

The Jay Rambo Story

Jay Rambo is in the business of building handcrafted custom cabinetry of exceptional quality. Craftsmanship is their culture – it’s at the heart of everything they do. And they’ve been doing it for almost 70 years at their facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With a nationwide reputation for building a quality cabinet with a furniture grade finish paired with excellent customer service, Jay Rambo Co. will fulfill all of your customers' cabinet needs. 

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