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Develop Your Core Marketing Strategy before Marketing Tactics

When you think about marketing, you're probably thinking about marketing tactics: websites, tv, radio, email, digital ads, social media advertising, etc. But if you try to promote your business using only tactics, without a Core Marketing Strategy, you end up spending more and getting mediocre results.

Once your Market Dominating Message and Market Dominating Position are defined and refined, they will form the basis for your Core Marketing Strategy and lay the foundation for all your future marketing materials, i.e., the tactics. It will shape how your website engages with prospects and will work to turn more prospects into customers and then turn more customers into repeat buyers and “referral-givers.”

There’s a multi-step process to developing your Core Marketing Strategy:  

Step 1​. Identify Your Ideal Customers. Find out why your existing customers buy from you by asking them directly, reading customer reviews for your company and for your competitors, calling your past happy customers and determine what they liked about the experience of buying from you.

Use this information to target prospects based on what existing customers value.

We have seen how the right core marketing strategy attracts ideal customers. 

Step 2Incorporate your Market Dominating Message into all of your communications, like your landing pages, your website, emails and letters. Your Market Dominating Message must convince​ prospects that your business will give them the best solution to their problem, and that you are the best option for them.

Step 3. Create content based on your Market Dominating MessageContent forms the link between your Market Dominating Message and solving your prospects’ problems. As part of your alliance with Kitchen Design Partner, we build out a content system for your business, which includes keyword research, an editorial calendar and content delivery.

Step 4. Guide the Customer Journey. Your Core Marketing Strategy and Market Dominating Message needs to connect at all stages​ of the Buyer's Journey, which is anything but linear.

The steps in your customers’ Buyer’s Journey can be described something like this:  

  • Awareness
  • Investigate
  • Understand
  • Pursue
  • Buy
  • Repeat
  • Review

By providing your prospects with content based on your Market Dominating Message, it’s possible to reach them and influence their buying decision at every step of the journey.

The importance of developing a Core Marketing Strategy based on your combined Market Dominating Message and Market Dominating Position cannot be overstated.

Working together, the experts at Dovetail Marketing will ensure your Market Dominating Message communicates clearly who you are, what you do, and what customers can expect when they do business with you.

We want to make sure your marketing is successful and works to engage prospects, generate qualified leads, turn website visitors into customers, and cultivate long-term relationships that will provide you with steady, profitable growth.