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Custom Cabinetry

  • Handmade cabinets that are custom fit to kitchen
  • Most expensive option
  • Longer lead times - 6 weeks plus for delivery
  • Ability to make “one of a kind” pieces, like hood, hutch or island
  • Sizes can be modified to 1/16” or smaller
  • Custom finish techniques
  • Colors beyond the manufacturer’s standard color palette
  • Cabinets can be combined to at least 96” long
  • Inset construction is as typical as full overlay is for stock or semi-custom
  • “You draw it we build it “mentality

Note as we dig deeper into what goes into the various cabinet categories that I have been intentionally negative in my phrasing. I want you think and consider before you dismiss what you read. 

And I want you to resist “yes, but” statements. For instance, “yes, but they are cheap”; or “yes, but they are quick”; or “yes, but they offer 72 door styles”.