Contemporary, minimalist looks in design continue to trend with homeowners who are remodeling their kitchens.

Posted: February 17

The director of design and trends for a major cabinet manufacturer recently reported in an article for the

Posted: August 23

Your job has gotten harder and many of you haven’t adapted how you market your business since the internet first became a “thing”.

Posted: August 4

What do consumers want most in a kitchen design professional? What are they looking for when consulting a designer?

Posted: July 7

Homeowners considering a new kitchen experience two types of pain: (1) the pain of living

Posted: March 9

A simple definition of a commodity is: a product or service that can be bought

Posted: March 9

These days it seems like everyone in our industry is talking about smart kitchens, smart appliances, connected-this and voice controlled-that. It’s a brave new world, indeed.


Posted: December 3

So your customers fell in love with a Calacatta Gold Marble slab in the stone yard.

Posted: November 16

When it comes to appliance finishes, the end of Stainless Steel’s dominance as the favorite is predicted every time an appliance manufacturer introduces something different.

Posted: November 16

Remember way back when the kitchen was hidden behind closed doors?

Posted: November 16

Kitchen and bath dealers and designers crave consumer insights and trend information to help them better anticipate consumer needs. We examined what’s trending in kitchen design in a

Posted: November 16