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What You Can Expect From A Digital Audit

Submitted by DovetailMarketing on Fri, 10/30/2020 - 14:12

We introduced you to the digital audit in an earlier article, but there’s more. Let’s quickly review. 

Essentially, a digital audit is a check-up of your online presence that discovers any problems with your website and how to solve them. It gives you detailed insights into the current state of your website and your overall online presence.

If you’re having trouble attracting your ideal customers and your site isn’t ranking in the search engines, a website audit can identify where the problems may be and provide solutions. Without an audit, it is almost impossible to uncover whatever it is that could be affecting your site.

How Does Google Rank Your Website?

Search engines rank websites based on many different factors, including 

  • Site speed
  • Responsiveness
  • Content
  • Authority
  • User experience / User engagement
  • Mobile friendliness

What's Included in a Digital Audit?

As we’ve said, a digital audit is a comprehensive analysis of your website. Each of the factors listed below provides some type of impact in attracting both search engine crawlers and customers to your site.

Our digital audit will examine each of the following items to determine what’s working and what’s not working for you and provide fixes for problems found:

  1. Examine Site SEO
  2. Determine what keywords your competition is ranking for?  
  3. Move your site up in search results
  4. Get you more social media “shares”, likes” and “followers”
  5. Increase conversions from site visitors
  6. Speed up page load times
  7. Assess your site’s overall design
  8. Identify any site architecture problems
  9. Analyze your local presence
  10. Determine your site’s mobile-friendliness
  11. Look at the effectiveness of your keyword use
  12. Evaluate your content

 In our previous Digital Audit article, we provided an explanation for items 1 thru 5 above. Now let’s look closer at the other areas your SEO audit will cover, starting with #6.

Page Load Times.

Measuring your site’s Page speed is evaluated during a digital audit. Page load time matters! A fast site speed adds to a positive user experience, while a slow one will result in higher bounce rates. This is not at what you want trying to improve conversions.

From an SEO perspective, testing your site speed can determine what it is on your website that may be acting as an obstacle, such as large photo sizes. Once you know the areas you need to improve, you’ll be able to optimize your site’s performance. 

Website's Overall Design. 

Your website is the online face of your business. You want visitors to stay on your site and explore more than your home page.

How to make that happen?

By having:

  • a pleasing overall look
  • pleasant colors
  • lots of relevant photos
  • organized pages that are consistent throughout
  • easy navigation
  • logical calls-to-action

Site Architecture.

Your site should be structured logically, with content grouped into relevant categories and pages. It must be easy to navigate to guide your visitors. All your main web pages should be listed in the top navigation menu. Your internal links should take visitors from one page of your website to another in one simple step.

A website audit will make sure your site has a complete, accurate sitemap that has been submitted to your webmaster tool accounts.

The better your site architecture is, the better the user experience, for both website visitors and the bots that crawl your site to determine its search ranking.

Local Presence.

The basis for optimizing your website for local search is your Google My Business account. The info on your GMB page should be complete and accurate. This includes your NAP (name, address and phone number). Your digital audit will check to make sure your phone number and address is the same across the entire internet.

Reviews on your GMB page are very helpful.

Getting your business listed in local directories is also important for local search. Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, local newspapers and churches are all useful places for your business to be listed so you appear in local search.


A mobile-responsive website is not an option. Your website must be fully functional on all mobile devices – not only phones but tablets. Your audit will confirm your site’s mobile friendliness. The Google Mobile First Index states that websites not optimized for mobiles are ‘excluded’ from mobile searches.

Keyword Usage. 

Are your keywords getting your site found in search? Are your keywords too competitive or are there alternatives that might work to get you noticed?

An audit will help you figure out whether your keywords meet best use standards, that keywords are placed appropriately and are generating traffic.


Content is a fundamental on-page SEO factor, so it has to be good.

  1. Your home page should identify your ideal customer’s biggest problem and your solution to that problem.
  2. Blogs should engage visitors
  3. Use blogs as a way to build trust
  4. Blog articles must be well-written and informative
  5. No duplicate content
  6. Use keywords in a natural way.

Benefits of a Digital Audit

The results of your digital audit will provide benefits to help improve your business’s bottom line – more visitors to your site, more leads, more conversions.

You will receive a detailed analysis of what improvements can be made on your site and to your overall digital presence.

After a total digital audit, you will

  • Better understand the factors that affect your website’s search engine ranking
  • See what your competitors are doing and how you can do better than them
  • Find out if all your web pages can be crawled and indexed by search engines.
  • Know the current technical status of your website and any issues that are hurting your business’s online visibility
  • Get suggestions for local search optimization for Google My Business and others
  • Have your keywords analyzed and receive recommendations for additional keywords that may be more effective
  • Have your website optimized for search engines Know what changes to make that create a better user experience for site visitors
  • Identify areas for improvement that will increase your visibility in search
  • Know the status of your site’s mobile responsiveness
  • Receive recommendations about your site as a whole to improve engagement and increase prospect conversions


The marketing experts at Dovetail Marketing will provide a comprehensive, personalized report that details any hidden problems that are keeping people from finding your business on line and that are creating a poor experience for visitors who do find you.

Our tests will point out ways to improve your website, user experience and SEO. We’ll give you recommendations for fixes for every problem we undercover so you can start boosting your overall search engine rankings, attracting your ideal customers and improving conversions.

The audit results can be used as a strong foundation for an improved, on-going digital marketing strategy for your business that will ensure you have inspiring and engaging content, a strong web presence and most importantly, a convincing reason for your ideal customers to land on your pages and buy what you’re selling.

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