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Keep Up with What's Popular in Kitchen Style and Function

Submitted by DovetailMarketing on Mon, 08/12/2019 - 21:32

Remember back to the time when the kitchen was hidden behind closed doors? And it was nothing more than a place where meals were prepared and dishes washed? Today’s kitchen is the heart of the home, its focal point, the place that brings families together at the start and the end of the day.

With so many changes having already occurred in kitchen design, style and use, what does the future hold for the kitchen of the next several years?

1. Smart Kitchens

Today's custom kitchens are "smart" and integrated with phones and tablets.

Technology-integrated kitchens are one of the biggest trends going into the future.

Technology has moved from entertainment and security into the kitchen. In today’s smart kitchen, technology can be integrated into every function and appliance, from the faucets to the fridge to ovens to the lighting.

Many kitchens today are built smart from the ground up. For older kitchens, smart appliances and other devices can be added to upgrade them to “smarter”.

Sensor-equipped kitchen faucets can detect hands underneath it and will come on automatically, refrigerators send an alert when grocery items are running low, coffee makers have coffee ready when in the morning a device monitors eggs and indicates which ones are almost going bad.

Lighting systems have been smartened up and can be controlled from smartphones or tablets.

Use of technology in the kitchen is increasing.  And kitchen designers have their work cut out for them, staying on top of these smart appliance trends. New products arrive on the market every day, and homeowners will ask for your recommendations.

2. Cabinet Colors: White Stays, Gray Gets More Popular and Black and Blue is the New Thing

Gray is coming in close second the white as the favorite finish color for custom kitchen cabinets.

White is still a big favorite for kitchen cabinets. They’re simply beautiful and timeless and can be used in any kitchen style. White is expected to remain a popular cabinet finish color for years to come.

As popular as white cabinets are, grey is coming in a close second as color of choice. Every shade of gray is requested, from light to dark.

White and gray painted cabinets together as a two-tone color scheme are trending. Why choose one? Get them both.  

Other colors gaining in popularity are blues and black paint for cabinets, appliances or other accents in the kitchen.

3. Contemporary Designs

This photo shows a contemporary custom kitchen finished in popular white paint.

Kitchen designs continue to move toward contemporary styling, with edgier designs and the use of alternative materials. There is much love for the beautiful, stylish and functional contemporary kitchen.

In fact, according to an NKBA survey, contemporary has edged out traditional as the second most popular kitchen design style, behind transitional.

4. Granite vs. Quartz

Quartz has over taken granite as the most popular countertop material for custom kitchens.

Granite has had a good run, but Quartz has taken over as the most popular countertop material.

Quartz is the most popular kitchen countertop material and continues to grow in popularity.

When quartz countertops first came on the market, the main objection to them was lack of variety in terms of colors and finishes. But now manufacturers provide a wide range of colors to choose from, as well as realistic stone patterns. 

There is a notable trend toward softer and more neutral colors. More and more homeowners are opting for colors like grey, taupe, cream or white, colors that looks like marble.

5. Cabinetry Storage Systems

The LeMans unit provides great storage for hard-to-reach corner spaces in custom kitchens.

The way shelves and drawers are structured inside kitchen cabinets leaves a lot of wasted space. Sometimes available space is too small for larger things, or the opposite -- it’s too wide and does not give you a way to properly and efficiently organize the space.

To counter storage challenges, homeowners want better storage solutions, including – but not limited to -- drawer dividers for cutlery and utensils, pull-outs for spices, tray dividers, roll-out trays or deep drawers for pot and pans, as well as cabinets for trash pull-outs and recycling.

Pull-outs specifically designed for storage in corner cabinets, typically dead space, have become increasingly popular and now are included in most every new kitchen and kitchen remodel.

Trends are tricky to report and even trickier to predict. Consumers want their new kitchen to look hip and happening with all the bells and whistles to show off. Yet no one wants the kitchen they’ve invested thousands of dollars in to be out of style or dated in a few years. It’s a delicate balance when making style choices.

But your clients will ask you what’s "in", so staying on top of styles trends is an important part of your business.

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