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The Greatest Marketing Tool Every Kitchen Designer Has

Submitted by admin on Wed, 04/03/2019 - 15:17

The greatest marketing tool every kitchen designer has is BEFORE and AFTER pictures. Think about it. When you go out for initial consultation you get the BEFORE pics. Does any kitchen designer trust their memory? Or their eye at that moment to retain and process all the information? Of course not; you take photos.

 If you are thinking "I can’t do anything until after the job or unless I get the job" - think again. Even at this stage, you can combine the BEFORE pictures with your design to create great marketing content. 2020 Technologies, ProKitchen, and other kitchen design programs have excellent photo realistic rendering capability.

When your job is completed and looks fabulous, it’s too late to capture the all-important BEFORE pictures. You can’t use pictures taken during installation – they do not have the impact of the BEFOREs.

Prospects want to understand how the design process works. Most people don’t have a knowledge library about how to design and remodel a kitchen. Most do it once or maybe twice in a lifetime. First-timers are especially nervous and require your skills to soothe their anxiety.

Use the story of the design process as an educational tool. Your customers crave this information. They want to understand how the design process works. 

Regardless of how much your customers think they know or how educated they have become in preparation for the project, they aren’t you, the professional kitchen designer. They have huge knowledge gaps, and those knowledge gaps can sometimes become the greatest obstacle to you doing your job.

Or even worse, getting tired of doing your job.

Think about the power of a story. Or if you prefer a case study. Tell the story of why certain design decisions are made. Structural, visual, more open design, etc.

Or budget decisions that are made in consideration of existing conditions. How appliance preferences impact design and flow. This is a great opportunity to explain how eight appliances impact the design or four appliances or whatever the case may be. These are all things you spend hours doing in design consultations.

No one likes to be sold to; you have to get creative to convey your knowledge in a way that’s not offensive or condescending or patronizing.  The story -- a BEFORE AND AFTER case study -- gives readers a “sneak-peek” into what they can expect if they choose to use your services.

Develop a library of design scenarios and how you worked through the challenges to give your customer the best kitchen possible.

Then distribute your great content through newsletters (printed or email), blog, social media, and your website. You can even utilize the words for Search Engine Optimization. Just to name a few benefits.

So even if you don’t sell the kitchen, you at least have a great marketing asset to improve your business.

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