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Decorative Range Enclosure

Submitted by admin on Mon, 10/28/2013 - 19:40

This amazing hood is noteworthy for both its size and its ornamentation. We've never showcased a hood with appliqués like this one has.

The urns and scrolls on the top portion of the hood and the swags and urn on the tilt-up door (not part of the hood—it belongs to a refrigerator tall cabinet) are called composition or "compo" ornaments, supplied by The Decorators Supply Corp. in Chicago. These compo ornaments are made of hide glue and to apply them, the glue must be activated by steaming. The steam releases the glue and the heat makes the piece flexible so it can be applied to the unfinished surface. The pieces accept a painted finish very nicely; stain takes more work.

The craftsmen did a great job working with an unusual material. The result speaks for itself!

The hood is 105"W x 67-3/4"H x 22"D. Moulding on the mantel is by Art for Everyday

rangeclose up of range

Close up of the moulding on the mantel


The hood surround has spice pull-outs on both sides