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Custom Paint Match Cabinetry

Submitted by admin on Tue, 04/08/2014 - 21:34

This interesting island table measures overall 51-3/4” long x 34-1/2” high x 24-1/2” deep. It gets a 1-1/4” thick countertop installed on site. (We’re dying of curiosity to know what kind of countertop it’s getting—wood? stone? something exotic?)

The wonderfully deep and rich blue paint is a custom match, one we created by matching a sample supplied by the dealer/designer.

Each of the tapered legs is drilled for wiring and outlet cut out will be done on site. The right drawer is reduced to accommodate the outlet.


As per usual, we must apologize for the poor color reproduction—a result of fluorescent lighting and a digital camera. This island table is actually a deep blue, similar to Royal Blue. More like the swatch shown:

Color Royal Blue

This lovely vanity is a custom paint match. Gray is still extremely popular! And there are as many shades and hues to gray as there are of white. And to further customize the cabinet, the dealer/designer opted for a custom design for both doors and drawers.

The vanity is actually three cabinets combined. The two end units are reduced in depth to 20”. Overall unit is reduced in height to 29” but after the feet are attached, finished height is 34- 1/2”. The two end units each have a roll out shelf.