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Contemporary Polymer Doors from StyleCraft

Submitted by DovetailMarketing on Mon, 02/17/2020 - 16:27

Contemporary, minimalist looks in design continue to trend with homeowners who are remodeling their kitchens. To meet the demand, StyleCraft has introduced a series of modern-styled polymer cabinet doors, drawer fronts and panels.

These aren’t your ordinary doors. Knowing their customers expect the best, StyleCraft has chosen products manufactured using highest quality polyurethane that is laminated onto an MDF substrate via a method called PUR hot melt.

To complete the desirable contempo look, edge banding gets applied, not using adhesives, but with a unique laser edge banding technique. The result is a seamless panel that looks fabulous and will wear as long as the cabinets to which they are attached – for a lifetime.

The process used to manufacture these polymer doors and components guarantees that they will withstand heat and steam from cook tops, stoves, ovens, sinks and dishwashers in the kitchen. Further, they have been tested for resistance to temperature variations, water vapor, humidity and alternating hot and cold climates.

They are available in four surface options: High Gloss, Matte, Textured Wood Grain and Crystal.

High Gloss

This High Gloss finish gives homeowners much, much more than just a clear top coat. It creates a “dazzling depth” effect because the finish color and the under-lying laminate color are matched. Further, the edge band is matched to the laminate for a mirror-like quality. With no seams.

Double-Sided. Doors are finished front and back, so cabinets shine inside and out.

Vivid Color. The twelve available colors add depth and richness to the finish.

UV Protection. The High Gloss finish offers excellent UV resistance to protect against fading.

Seamless Edge Band Technology.  Doors and panels are edge banded using an adhesive-free, laser technology that creates a seamless board. 

Design Note: High Gloss is suitable for vertical surfaces only.


For the homeowner who doesn’t want shiny surfaces in her new kitchen, Matte finish is ideal. The cabinet doors, drawers and panels with Matte finish from StyleCraft have a smooth, opaque surface and even color. And no shine. They look amazing and feel soft when you run your fingers over them.

Matte finish absorbs light rather than reflects it. As opposed to high gloss finishes that show stains, smudges and scratches, matte finishes disguise them. This low maintenance is a definitely plus for today’s hectic family lifestyles.

The main properties of the Matte finish: 

  1. Protects against fingerprints
  2. Resists scratches
  3. Provides anti-bacterial properties

Easily Repair Scratches. Any small scratches can be repaired using heat, such as a blow dryer or iron, or a melamine foam sponge, i.e., a Magic Eraser.

Easy to Clean. The Matte finish can take on household cleansers and is easily cleaned with a damp sponge.

Anti-Fingerprint Surface. People don’t want to see fingerprints, but fingerprints have been known to show up on competitors’ matte panels. StyleCraft’s Matte finish is fingerprint resistant and helps to keep panels looking clean for longer periods of time.

Colors. 21 Matte finish colors are available. And there are options available within those 21 colors. You can choose from plain colors, iridescents, wood grain and stone.

Seamless Edge Band Technology.  Doors and panels are edge banded using an adhesive-free technology that creates a seamless door, drawer or panel.

Design Note: Matte panels can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications.

Textured Wood Grain

 StyleCraft’s Textured Wood Grain doors, drawer fronts and panels offer a deeply textured wood grain surface, made from HPL (high pressure laminate) rather than melamine paper. These products are tough! They’re resistant to water, heat, moisture and impact.  And they’re more durable than other embossed products.

“Texture” is an important interior design concept, together with color, form, patterns and other elements. Incorporating texture is a way to produce a layered look that mixes traditional with modern to create its own style – transitional. And Transitional style  is the #1 most requested kitchen design style in America.


  1. adds personality, depth, contrast and interest to a new kitchen.
  2. can be used to break up a solid, one-color palette, such as in the all-white kitchen.
  3. balances out any “shiny-and-smooth” kitchen features, like too many polished granite surfaces, glossy subway tiles and/or stainless steel appliances.
  4. serves as a focal point in the room design.

Natural materials are especially desirable for adding texture; StyleCrafts Textured Wood Grain doors can satisfy.

Soft to the Touch. Cabinet doors and panels should look like natural wood, but not feel like tree bark.

Deeply Embossed. Doors and panels are embossed to imitate ridges that occur naturally in wood grain.

Perfectly Matched. Edge bands are textured and color matched to produce a seamless door and panel without a visible seam or joint.

Colors. Nine different color and texture options and three door styles are available.


Crystal doors and panels are called “crystal” for good reason. They’re back-plated polymer glass, and display the gloss, polished beauty and dimensional allure of crystal. They add a shine that goes perfectly with contemporary, modern kitchens.

StyleCraft Crystal doors and panels are resistant to:

  • Breakage. They’re 10x more break resistant than glass
  • UV rays. They’re colorfast for 20+ year
  • Heat
  • Shock and impact
  • Scratches
  • Household chemicals. They’re easy to clean.

Versatile. You can write on Crystal with dry markers.

Shatter Resistant. Glass can be risky to use in kitchen because of the possibility of shattering. StyleCraft Crystal has a much higher impact resistance than glass.

Scratch Resistant.  Even a small scratch on glass is distracting. StyleCraft Crystal offers high scratch resistance.  

Easy to Design With. Glass can require pre-planning for hardware placement and electrical outlet cutouts. Not so with StyleCraft Crystal that can be prepped on site.

Colors. Twelve different color and surface options are available. Several look like marble, others are solid colors.

LED Lights. LED lights can be installed into the glass to showcase glassware and collectibles.

Seamless Edge Band Technology.  Doors and panels are edge banded using an adhesive-free technology that creates a seamless board.  

Design Note: Crystal is suitable for all vertical applications, and horizontal applications that are not exposed to high temperatures. For kitchens, Crystal is designed for cabinet doors, drawer fronts, end panels, side walls and backsplashes. However, it is not recommended for kitchen countertops.


The new polymer series doors from StyleCraft will round out your product offering so you can meet any customer request. Contemporary doors, drawer fronts and panels are in demand from homeowners who are remodeling their kitchens. If they're not doing full-on minimalist, they're doing Transitional. These doors work for either style choice. 

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