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15% More Guy

It seems I have always been the “15% more guy”. I have marveled at how often dealers complain about the “15% less company”. And how often they think there is no way they can sell a better product that costs 15% more.   

In the most recent conversation I had on this topic, the dealer was clearly exhausted by the headaches he was experiencing. He had a long list of grievances with his supplier. So many, in fact, that I eventually said, “how about we talk about what I came here to discuss?”

Throughout the conversation the designer insisted that as long as he fixed the problems, his relationship with customers doesn’t suffer. He also insisted it would be a struggle for him to sell kitchens to his “typical customer” with my cabinets costing 15% more. He even knew by looking at samples and talking about company policies, customer service, etc. that he was getting something for the 15%.

Have you ever asked yourself, “If I don’t sell the cheapest product available, will I get customers that can pay more?”

I know that companies whose cabinets are cheaper are cheaper for a good reason -- they cut corners somewhere. And while they try to cut corners in areas that aren’t visible, sometimes that is where their lack of value is most exposed. 

And while they might be a good value on their best days, those “best days” sometimes come infrequently. And at great expense to you and your customer relationships.